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Learn/Play to earn

Join the community and play, the game is Live!
You expand more territories by challenging quizzes
Each correct answer to a question will be rewarded, and more rewards will be given for consecutive correct answers, the more territories you have, the more rewards you can get for each correct answer
You can only "attack" territories next to the territories that you own, which may not have been occupied yet, or other users' territories
You can put your own assets (some NFTs) on the territory, and when the territory is occupied by someone else, the resources will be returned to your backpack
All rewards will have an exchange mechanism with's token MELD
We call the in-game reward: Ditamin (Digital Vitamin), Ditamin and MELD can be exchanged in two ways
You can conquer more challenges by owning stronger knowledge, but each user will have a energy limit every day, challenging quizzes requires to consume energy, so please make good use of the opportunity to challenge quizzes
We've developed some anti-cheating mechanisms, I hope you do not activate them :-)
Game Screenshot#1 Viewing other's land
Game Screenshot#2 Challenging Quiz
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