The philosophy in developing our intuitive editor is quite simple to understand but hard to implement
Our team members are heavy users of sony's Dreams, Nintendo game builder garage game, Minecraft, Roblox, Factorio, Ylands, Scratch, etc
Those games consider different aspects in many ways, we try to develop something special to our users, we've developed tons of features today, but all those are based on our 3 principles, some features are compromised for one or more principles, it's all about balance

Easy for everyone

It should be WYSIWYG( What You See Is What You Get )

Wide range

Users can create a wide range of works, not just games, it's about unleashing imagination

High celling

Users can create not just simple games like Five in a Row, but some complex works, that's why we've developed a visualized coding mechanism
So, why not join the communities or join our alpha program on your own
Some examples we created in around 15 mins