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Staking in Meland

Staking in Meland is designed for the whole ecosystem of the project. It’s deeply integrated with the game, is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long term mindset and locking up their MELD tokens
In short, Staking $MELD will reward you with tokens and improve the gaming experience. It’s a combination of Staking and Tier systems in gaming.
On the other hand, we take serious consideration on staking. The economy of Meland is the heart of the game.
We balance the gaming experience, tokenomics, and players/creators’ rewards. The reward will be different throughout different phases of the game.

How does Learn-to-Earn work?

  1. 1.
    Challenging Quizzes: Each time you answer it correctly, you earn Ditamin
  2. 2.
    Land Farming: Each Land you occupy will generate Ditamin every hour
So, you would love to try your best to occupy as many as lands and guard them safely to earn more Ditamin
And Ditamin can exchange $MELD in the game
Check out the Land Farming Details here
Land Farming
Occupied Land Upper Limit based on different tiers

The APY is divided into two parts

  1. 1.
    Token APY ( fixed APY number on different tier)
  2. 2.
    Gaming Income APY includes:
Occupied Land Limit
Occupied Land Ditamin Earning Per Land Per Day
Ditamin per Challenge
Staking Reward Details

How to Stake, Harvest, and Claim

You can go to the official website to check out the staking module
Staking Module of Meland
The dashboard shows the TVL, Staking Amount, Users’ Staking Detail, Rules Info, etc.
You can harvest your MELD reward every hour on the staking page
During the staking, your tokens will be locked, and you can claim your MELD by clicking the CLAIM button when it meets the end time
Harvest your interest every hour

What’s the APY for those who join multiple tiers, like staking silver and gold?

The APY is calculated in weighted mean

Can I Stake one-tier multiple times?

To reward various players, you can only stake one tier each time, which means the maximum staking will be silver, gold, and platinum.

How many people can join the staking?

As we said above, staking in Meland should be a healthy move, so we limit the total staking amount. Once a tier has reached its limit, it will show “sold out”.

What’s the minimum and maximum amount of staking?

The minimum amount will be silver tier: 11,000 MELD
The maximum amount will be the sum of all 3 tiers, silver + gold + platinum: 11,000+ 41,500 + 66,666 = 119,166 MELD

Will it affect my gaming experience if I don’t join staking?

Meland will always be a free-to-play game, we really want people to enjoy the game and play/learn to earn, come and join us, earn your Ditamin, and exchange for MELD.