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Road to fully decentralized platform

It's hard to implement a fully decentralized GameFi platform.
It's all about balancing the community, user experience, etc should be considered The vision can NOT be implemented by us, Web 3.0 is all about people.
Shortly speaking, a fully decentralized platform do not rely on any organisation like us, if our company go bankruptcy(the Meland team hope not though), the platform should run as well.
We divide the fully decentralized platform into 3 phases. Note that there're some infrastructures which are not mature enough to support a great user experience .
Phase 1: Basic GameFi mechanism, tokenize assets, etc.
Phase 2: DAO mechanism, community-driven decision making, etc.
Phase 3: Fully decentralized mechanism, decentralized infrastructures, etc.
We hope to hit Phase 3 around 2022 Q3 ~ Q4, please support us. Most importantly Build with us