We have Ditamin and MELD across the game
Ditamin is the in-game currency
MELD is the token on ERC-20
Ditamin can exchange for MELD and vice versa
MELD can be used to purchase various digital assets which are on chain (on Polygon by far, cross-chain feature will be added)

Assets are divided into 2 parts

  1. 1.
    Affecting in-game numerical value (AINV)
  2. 2.
    Not Affecting in-game numerical value (NAINV)


  • Buildings
  • Material
  • Ticket Land
  • VIP Land


  • Skins
Users can place Buildings on their occupied lands / VIP lands

Putting on occupied land will

  1. 1.
    increase the HP of the land, etc. it's a way of defense
  2. 2.
    if other users conquer your land, your assets won't be transferred to others, but you have to cost Ditamin to repair your assets so that you can put it on your lands again

Putting on VIP lands

  • VIP lands can NOT be attacked, everything will be in peace and harmony

Ticket Minting

  • Players can mint ticket land by Ditamin and occupied lands